The Road Goes On

Hi my name is Jordan!

This is my travel blog. I'm living in Cambridge, UK this year, and working as an au pair.

I will chronicle all my experiences while abroad right here.

Enjoy! Ask anything you want!

And remember, "Never laugh at live dragons."
My outfit last night. Please ignore my stupid face :P

My outfit last night. Please ignore my stupid face :P

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Sorry I haven’t been on in ages!!

Things have been super, super busy!! I have now been in Cambridge, UK for eight and half months. Time truly does fly. I’ll sum up some of the wonderful things I’ve been up to since I last posted.

  • Went to Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge. So much history in one day!
  • Had an amazing birthday party with all my friends. All the au pairs gave me such a wonderful present. They got me a gift certificate so I can get another tattoo!!
  • Met Tony, a French au pair, who I’ve now been dating for almost a month. Guess my secret wish of meeting a cute foreign boy came true. :)
  • Had a lovely birthday party for my friend Irene at a pub in her village. We had a hot, sunny week and a half that was so uncharacteristic for England. Soaked up the rays with all my best friends, played elbow licking games, and made human pyramids.
  • Went to St. Ives, Cornwall with Tony. His host family lent us their beach house for the long weekend. Such a great time. We strolled the beach, braved intense winds on a cliff over the ocean, ate Cornish pasties every day, drank wine every night, and even went surfing!
  • Had a sleepover for my best friend Sven’s birthday party. Talked the night away and stayed up far too late. I love all my new mates.
  • Went to Thorpe Park, a big amusement park near London. Screamed and laughed my voice away on roller coasters, tried to win a giant pug, and searched high and low for a toffee apple and was unsuccessful.

Now I’m booking my ticket today to head home for two months. Its going to be bittersweet leaving Cambridge for 8 weeks since I’ve come to love this town and country more and more with each passing day. But I will return, and I’ll be getting a flat with three of my friends. So excited for another year in the UK.

Such a good birthday so far!! Both sets of parents sent me flowers and my sister made me a photobook of all our pictures. My best friend got me the wine glass that Robin has in How I Met Your Mother that fits a whole bottle of wine :D Benji is currently baking me “the perfect cake” and the sun is shining. :)

Here are some pictures from my trip to Peasenhall, Suffolk with my host family! 

My best-friend from home and I in London on St. Patrick’s Day!! 

My best-friend from home and I in London on St. Patrick’s Day!! 

Jasper (my host-family’s new pup) was the best in the class last night at his first puppy-school session. I’m so glad to see that all my training efforts aren’t wasted! He’s quite a smart little guy, already sitting, staying, coming, etc. He hasn’t quite grasped the concept of lie down but at ten weeks old I think he’s pretty impressive. 

Other than the puppy, things are still awesome in my life. I’m loving England more and more every day, especially now that the weather is just beautiful. Went to London on Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with my friends. It was a total blast and I even tried Guinness for the first time. We met some other au pairs in our hostel; two austrians and a french girl. They were lots of fun. I got to see my best friend Hannah too. The next day I finally made it to Portobello Market for the first time. I basically fell in love. Ate delicious doughnut waffles and tried so many samples at the food stalls. Can’t wait to go back! 

I should likely start thinking about making dinner now, so I’ll end this post. Ta-ta for now! 

I have left the house once since Saturday..

Why? Because of our new puppy! He needs to be let out like a bajillion times a day, and can’t really stay in his crate for more than twenty minutes. So guess who gets to stay at home all day? Me! If he wasn’t so damn adorable this would really suck. But he is pretty much the most adorable creature on the planet so its not so bad. I’ve decided to watch AFI’s top 100 films, so thats keeping me occupied. I’m so happy its the weekend though.